The best way of learning English for children!

Introduce your child to everyday written and spoken English with Cambridge English Qualifications. The world's most prestigious English teaching program helps young learners to gain confidence and improve their English.
Now, it's online and accessible for everyone!

Special curriculum

Our curriculum is designed by experienced educators and aligned with the Cambridge Qualifications. This special design guarantees the success of all students and leaves none of them behind.

Effective online learning system

The learning activities are developed especially for the learners of the online environment. Students are active and completely engaged during the lessons while they are having fun.

Visible English skills results

Thanks to our specially designed courses enriched with hands-on activities, our learners improve themselves from zero to hero. Just after the first weeks from the start, a noticeable change in practical English skills is seen.

Experienced native teachers

All live lessons are instructed by the native English teachers and supported by the local assistant teachers.

Our Online Learning System

Our Online Learning System

Our online system leads all learners inevitably to success.


Before the live lessons, students engage with the pre-class activities with the help of Vietnamese teachers. In this way, the young brains get completely ready to learn during the live lessons.

Progress Tracking

After each live lesson, the student's status report, including the lesson interaction, and activity participation is sent to the student's parents. Thus, obstacles to student success are identified and removed.

Engaging lesson content

The curriculum developed by the University of Cambridge is enriched with various online activities. Learners of TOWER Cambridge get the maximum benefits and meets the learning goals in the most effective way.

Plenty of resources

Official resources developed by Cambridge Assessment System and the best study materials selected from other sources on the market are available for our learners by Tower Cambridge Academic Department.

Periodic Test

Every two weeks, our learners take the trial test to evaluate their progress. The periodic tests also make them ready for the official Cambridge Qualifications test at the end of their course.

Fun Activities

Through games in our lessons, our students strengthen their learning accompanied by emotional inputs. They also become more dedicated to learning English engaging with fun activities.

The Benefits

TOWER team supports our students all along the way through obtaining the Cambridge Qualifications. Our customer representatives in your country and our dedicated teachers lead and accompany our learners both in the learning and during the test process.

The Validity

Cambridge Qualifications are recognized by more than 25.000 educational institutions, companies, and governments around the world. Our certificates can help you expand your options for study or other opportunities.

The Effectiveness

TOWER Cambridge Online learning system is designed to improve young learners' language skills and mainly focused on daily English usage. Just from the very beginning of the course learners start gaining confidence in using English. Now, it's accessible to everyone all around the world!

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Online Self Learning

$59per month

  • Online Coursebook
  • Plenty of online study material resource
  • Lessons aligned with Cambridge Assessment Curriculum
  • Weekly student progress report
  • Weekly 4 hours of live lessons
  • 10% Discount of Cambridge Exam Fee
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Promotional Live Lessons

$659per course (9 months)

  • Online Coursebook
  • Plenty of online study material resource
  • Lessons aligned with Cambridge Assessment Curriculum
  • Weekly student progress report
  • Weekly 4 hours of live lessons
  • 50% Discount on Cambridge Exam Fee
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the course period?

    The course period lasts 9 months. At the end of this period, you will take the Cambridge exam and get your certificate in a few weeks. You can then register in the next module and take higher-level certification training.

  • After registering for the course, our customer representative will help and guide you to the Placement Test. Your current level of English will then be determined and the suitable module for you will be added to your TOWER Cambridge account.

  • You can pay the course fee via PayPal. You can also use your Credit Card or Debit Card.

  • Our academic team will help and guide you to apply and pay the Cambridge exam fee at the nearest authorized Cambridge Exam Center in your country. You will be informed of your exam registration process including logistics and transport questions by our local team.

  • Cambridge Qualifications certificates determine the English skills level of the examinee, don't state pass or fail. It determines speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. In this certificate, the examinee is certified to receive a maximum of 5 badges in each skill area.

  • You need a laptop or a desktop computer to access our courses. Since we use online teaching technology in our lessons you may have problems with tablets and smartphones during the live lesson activities.

  • If you take a short-time break (a few lessons) you can close the gap by studying recorded lessons and materials. If your break is for a long time, you will be placed in a new class suitable for your proper level at the time of your continuing.

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